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The process of  creating a video can take weeks or months to complete. In orders to be organized all Videos will be edited in order of which there are filmed. View the progress of your project here.



Mr. & Mrs Ellis

Cheers to the newly weds 

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ellis for allowing Andre I to film your wedding. From beginning to end we felt apart of your special day. I am currently working on your video now. You will here from me soon 

All Day A.D.E

New Single Tell Your Gang About ME 

Music video into a short story has been the topic of discussion between Ade and I. With one more scene to film his new music videos is will leave you  feeling inspired with how creative it is. Shout out to Poppi and Reel for their acting roles. 

Video coming soon 

sipping by the bay 2.jpg

Sippin By The Bay

Sippin By The Bay Dinner Party pt 2

Bug Shout out to Jason and the Sippin By The Bay crew for having me be apart of your dinner party pt 2. The Vibes was great can't wait to start editing your video

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